Errand Boys #2: Capsule Review

Errand Boys Lettering Template

Title: Errand Boys #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: D.J. Kirkbride

Drawn & Colored: Nikos Koutsis

Flatted: Mike Toris

Lettered & Designed: Frank Cvetkovic

Cover: Nikos Koutsis & Mike Toris


I now understand  the ongoing theme for Errand Boys’ covers. We’ve got Jace holding a taped up box and his blue and white companion running for their lives. It’s a wonder Jace has survived the delivery service this long. His current companion happens to be his half brother. Their father is currently deceased and Jace is playing guardian for the lost teenager. They are clearly brothers due to the genetic trait they share, which is totally clever of our creators.  This issue has them chasing a bird-like creature. This creature actually holds the key it’s worlds ecosystem. It doesn’t seem like a good errand for the boys. This book is so much fun. I love the detail in Koutsis’s artwork. Each action sequence is filled with all kinds things happening. There’s couple of star ships in some of the panels that clearly don’t belong. Errand Boys doesn’t really take itself all that seriously so the star ships get a pass. The book obviously has a quality chase scene that leaves us to a nifty cliffhanger. We will see where the book drops us off during the next issue. Mental note: The book has a quality back up story to provide more empathy to the story.

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