Bully Wars #3: Capsule Review


Title: Bully Wars #3

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Skottie Young

Artist: Aaron Conley

Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Letterer: Nate Piekos of Blambot

Cover Artist: Aaron Conley

Review:  ★★★★

Let’s get right down to it!! Bully WARS begins…but first a slight psychological shift. Skottie Young begins this issue with a little nerdy look at Rufus. It’s our dreams that might look into our inner desires. Rufus has a dream which is well…stupid but enlightening. It’s a fascinating look at the inner workings of Rufus’s mind. This issue is a nice build up to the actual Bully Wars. We also find out that the Coach is tad more clever then expected. It does not really bode well for Spencer. The situation makes sense. If your going to be a bully, your going to need someone to bully. Regardless it continues to be fun ride for us readers. I’m excited they prolonged the “wars” enough to continue the story further. There’s also a plausible excuse for Hock being such a large youngster. I could totally seeing this as a great animated series, so long as there’s a quality moral message at the end. Issue #4 should begin battle royale.

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