Crowded #4: Capsule Review


Title: Crowded #4

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Pencils: Ro Stein

Inks: Ted Brandt

Colorist: Triona Farrell

Letterer:  Cardinal Rae

Cover Artist: Ro Stein; Rosi Kampe

Review: ★★★

I keep expecting Crowded to give us deeper depth to the story. It continues to provide us with a shallow character that probably deserves what she’s getting. It has a celebrity that has made his fame on killing. I did like the internal turmoil the character goes through with his career. Trotter has a questionable past to deal with as well. A body guard that is slowly losing her motivation to do the job. She also has a past, which actually makes her more interesting. We have a mystery assassin that still hasn’t really made her move. There’s also a dog in a bag. Poor Dog. The book is still a good read though. The comic shop owners even tell me they are making a tv show. If this book has an even bigger dark swing, let’s hope it isn’t much more then what we have seen so far. This issue feels more like a filler issue though cause Charlie becomes predictable and steps out on Vita. You have to wonder if the story is more about Charlie or Vita. The “pink” girl is cute which makes her a somewhat likable character, but if she gets killed in the end, would it be bad?  The concept continues to question the value social media and a single life as a whole. I did enjoy Ro Stein’s art more so in this issue. She injected more darks and lights to the images. The book is mostly lit all the time so the change was welcome. Granted Triona Farrell must have a fantastic time coloring the issue. I do like that this is a nice change from the usual super hero fare and I look forward to the next issue.

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