Murder Falcon #1: Capsule Review


Title: Murder Falcon #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Artist, Writer & Letterer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooten

Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer

Review: ★★★★★


There’s that awesome moment when you look over your comic list and find a new title by Daniel Warren Johnson. His last series Extremity was favorite here at Facomics. His latest tale revolves around Jake. Jake is an ex-metal guitarist that has a broken past. Johnson points out that tragedies happen to everyone. Jake has gained the ability to summon the Murder Falcon by playing metal on his guitar. They have joined together to save the world from monsters. Johnson does a great job of putting his signature style on the monster designs. His attention to detail and action add to the storytelling. Jake lives and breaths a perfect rocker/metal head design. We believe that the way the character is handled that he has a soul. The character also has a solid support system that brings this story down to earth. Warren additionally points out that music is there for everyone to get past those moments that give our lives pause. This is a series to look forward to month after month.

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