Errand Boys #1: Capsule Review


Title: Errand Boys #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: D.J. Kirkbride

Drawn & Colored: Nikos Koutsis

Flatted: Mike Toris

Lettered & Designed: Frank Cvetkovic

Cover: Nikos Koutsis & Mike Toris; Erik Larsen

Review: ★★★☆☆

Dropping into comic book series called “Errand Boys” does not seem like a great idea. This is not the case of this Errand Boys. Jace Lopaz is our primary character and errand boy in this science fiction tale. As far as SciFi stories go this one has some quality stuff…including lots and lots of aliens, cool space settings, and cool space craft to chase and get our characters from point A to point B. There are many little things I’ve seen in many science fiction stories but in this case it’s a good use of borrowing. Jace isn’t necessarily a good errand boy either. He unfortunately gets strapped with the responsibility of his teenage half brother to complicate his life. Nikos Koutsis has style that actually looks like a young Todd McFarlane. He’s unafraid to illustrate anyone or anything at any perspective. His character designs really help his exaggerated style. This is a really fun title, with it’s current design, could be a quality book for Image and readers alike.  There is a nice backup story to explain Jace’s relationship with his girl friend Max.

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