Cemetery Beach #1: Capsule Review


Title: Cemetery Beach #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Warren Ellis

Artist: Jason Howard

Lettering: Fonografiks

Cover Artist: Jason Howard

Review: ★★★★☆


Did you know back in the 1920’s people went to other planets? That’s the initial concept I gathered from the beginning of this story. It actually starts in a torture room. We meet the protagonist of the “Beach”, Michael Blackburn. Michael is a cooperative prisoner who finds a away to get his captor to trust him. The conversation is strange and somewhat easy to relate, so long as you have a cell phone. The story’s action goes from there. Michael also meets his co-star Grace Moody. The first conversation in the open pages really set up what Michael is doing here. Ellis is plain and simple about what his intent happens to be. We get to sit back and enjoy the ride and see how it all unfolds. Jason Howard’s artwork is a gritty rough style that is actually pleasing to the eye. I really enjoyed how he lit up space ship type rockets when Blackburn and Moody make their get away. Ellis does a great job of not adding dialog into certain panels while the story moves along. The last page gives us some caution as to what might actually be occurring in this science fiction story. We get enough to crave more…so until next time, check out the beach.

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