Beowulf Trade Paperback: Capsule Review


Title: Beowulf Trade Paperback

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Santiago Garcia

Artists: David Rubin

Layouts: Manuel Bartual

Translation: Sam Stone & Joe Keatinge

Letterer: Jared Flectcher

Cover Artist: David Rubin

Review: ★★★★☆

Beowulf is cited as being one of the most important works of English alliteration. It’s considered one of the oldest and longest poems in existence. Impressive huh? Anyone who know this story will appreciate how Garcia has broken down the prose into a mere 204 pages. It’s not the easiest read to start with but the pretty pictures help. Theses are gory and violent illustrations that Rubin has put the page are visceral and harsh. If you haven’t read or seen the movies based on this story it’s a solid point to dig into the classic material. The poem is about the proud Norseman Beowulf who travels to Heorot to battle the monster Grendel. Rubin has created a version of the monster that can upset even the strongest stomach. We’ve seen Rubin’s work most notably in the comic Rumble. His loose and sometimes graphic details of a person’s insides are perfect for this tale’s story.The poem to it’s core could be considered a fantastic monster story with proud warriors to back the story up. This a solid work of art that would be great on a coffee table or stacked with the warm love of other graphic novels. The Beowulf movie came out back in 2007 so this is a quality revisiting of the poem.

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