Ice Cream Man #6: Capsule Review


Title: Ice Cream Man #6

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince

Artists: Martin Morazzo

Colorist: Chris O’Halloran

Letterer: Good Old Neon

Cover Artist: Martin Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran; Frazer Irving

Review: ★★★★☆


The story is a scoop of chocolate, a scoop of strawberry, and a scoop of vanilla. Sounds Yummy huh? The story follows a young man’s life as one point in time is altered and “banana” split into three different lives. It starts with the Ice Cream Man and a simple drop of the triple scoop ice cream cone. Each path has different choices and out comes for the character. One is about a girl, another a dog and lastly a weird metaphor that is very becoming of this comic series. Prince gives us some highs and some serious lows that are simply heartbreaking. The stories are so diversified we can’t seem to look away to what is happening to the main character. Morazzo breaks each page down into three separate sections to create the tone. Panel after panel I can really see this story unfold within a movie setting. Granted the whole story is mostly without dialog, so I don’t know how it would sell. These short stories also question the odd things that happen in the universe. So how does this story taste? It’s an odd flavor that we can’t forget or put down without thinking about what is next.

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