Recently Warner Brothers leaked/announced that they would be parting ways with their Superman actor Henry Cavill. I personally believed he did a stand up roll in the job. He has the chin. Financial results of the Justice League movie tend to say otherwise. The DC Universe has had it’s ups and downs. For now let’s look to the future. Who could possibly fill in the RED BOOTS and Cape…


10. Nicholas Cage

It’s hard not to throw this one out there. If you didn’t know he was up for the role many years ago when Tim Burton was rebooting Superman for Superman Lives. I like Nicolas Cage, but kids the internet is wrong here. Nic is too old and I never really thought he had the right look. NO offense Mr. Cage but Ghost Rider was enough.


9. Ian Somerhalder

Ian has spent a good chunk of acting in the Vampire Diaries series. He’s used to the cult following that can come with a big name character. Frankly though I haven’t really seen a lot of those shows so I’m not too sure if he would pull the part off. He has a dark sexy look which could come off serious for Superman but maybe too sexy for Clark Kent. You have to remember who ever dons the cape has to do double duty.


8. Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood is one of those actors that needs that huge break. It’s not to say he hasn’t been in decent roles but just not great movies. Pacific Rim earlier this year didn’t help. He did have a part in Suicide Squad so he knows the DC Universe to a point. Superman is a serious upgrade so this might push the limits of his acting skills. He definitely has the build and height for the Man of Steel. He surely has the name as well. I think maybe his jaw line isn’t quite there.


7. Liam Hemsworth

For this actor we had to travel all the way to Australia. Liam Hemsworth is one of those actors that is simply overshadowed by the good deeds of his brother. We know Chris well as playing Thor in the Marvel Films. Liam has been in the Hunger Games series so we know he can commit to a more involved role. Liam has just been one of those actors that hasn’t really broken out. We know who he is and that he has the decent looks for Supes…but then there’s Miley…sigh


6. Ryan Gosling

It might seem like I’m putting out a lot of pretty boys for this list. Ryan on the other hand can act. He has shown his skills in multiple pictures. Blade Runner is the one that stands out more so to me because it gives him the sci fi back ground to endure the Superman filming chore. Ryan isn’t a bad choice but maybe too pretty for Clark Kent and he would need to bulk up a ton.


5. Richard Madden

Ok…You might saying who or saying…dude…Richard Madden spent television time on Game of Thrones. A majority of the characters in Game of Throne meet their untimely end way too soon…Ned Stark anyone? Richard Madden’s character Rob Stark was just one such character. The thing is Madden pulled off a fantastic screen presence. I could see him bulking up and putting on the tights. Just like Henry Cavill, Madden comes from the British Islands so he would have to polish the accent.


4. Tyler Hoechlin

There’s nothing against a guy that already has experience. Tyler already plays Superman in the Supergirl tv series. Aside from the costume(not his fault), Tyler’s work on the show is stand up. The downside is that his look is downplayed since it is a Supergirl show. Tyler would be a decent choice since most fans have embraced him. I just hope his acting chops are a little better then what we have seen so far. Plus his last name is a mouth full and might not come across so well on the posters.


3. Jared Padalecki 

Supernatural fans UNITE!! We have found our Superman!! For the past 13 years Jared has graced the small screen on the Supernatural TV Show. We know Jared can pull off the acting part since he has continual been around effects of all sorts. He has the dark look and the build for the part. I just don’t think the fan base could get past him NOT playing Sam. It would be a scheduling nightmare and it was the reason Cavill isn’t the blue boy scout anymore.


2. Unknown

Like Christopher Reeve in the original Superman, an unknown actor might be a good choice. Just so long as the story is good and he can hold his own against the already established actors. Unknown actors can also not be a good thing, just ask Brandon Routh(not his fault). There’s enough source material for any actor to put together a decent Superman.


 1 Tom Welling

When I began this list, I always had Tom Welling in mind. He played Clark Kent for a solid ten years. I just  didn’t realize how much he had aged. I will go back with the experience  he has and stick to my guns. I believe DC, Warner Brothers missed the boat when they didn’t cast him years ago. Even if we get a decent fleshed out Superman film and then hopefully a better Justice League movie, I think Tom might be a super idea

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