Devil’s Due Comics @ Cincinnati Comic Expo!! September 14th, 15th & 16th


Cincinnati Comic Expo – Devil’s Due Comics @ Booth 328 & Sketch Duel!

This weekend (9/14 to 9/16), almost all of your favorite Devil’s Due creators will be at Cincinnati Comic Expo! The awesome line up includes:

  • Ash Maczko (Squarriors)
  • Ashley Witter (Squarriors)
  • Josh Blaylock (Mercy Sparx, Igloo Barbecue)
  • K Lynn Smith (Plume)
  • D.B. Stanley (Lord of Gore)
  • Daniel Leister (Lord of Gore)
  • Pat Shand (Little Girl)
  • Scott Schmidt (Final Street)

Not only will you get to pick up super cool comics and meet all this amazing creators, you can watch Josh Blaylock and K Lynn Smith battle it out in a sketch duel on Friday (9/14)! The sketch duel will take place in the Comic Classroom at 6 PM!

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The latest Squarriors Kickstarter is kicking major butt! With 22 days left to pledge, the campaign is so close to being funded. Don’t miss out on your chance to get oversize hardcover editions of Squarriors Volume 1: Spring and Squarriors Volume 2: Summer, and five Devil’s Due variant cards for Squarriors: The Card Game.

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