Marvel 2 in 1 #9: Capsule Review


Title: Marvel 2 in 1 #9(Legacy #109) 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Ramon K. Perez

Colorist: Federico Blee

Letterer:  VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist: Gerado Zaffino

Review:  ★★★★


For us nine months can be a long time in comic years. Nine issues in and we’ve not even seen a hint of Reed or Sue. Ben and Johnny are powerless on Battleworld. If things weren’t bad enough the Mad Thinker shows up to cause the duo trouble. Ben and Johnny have choice to face the evil fiend when he has a small town held hostage. Zdarsky does everything he can to make this a fair fight. Ben and Johnny are the good guys. The conflict is actually clever and worth the read. It’s the ending and the clever splash page that Ramon leaves us with is what makes the book. Now we have to wait to see if the payoff is worth the trouble of the time.

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