Crude #4: Capsule Review


Title: Crude #4

Publisher: Image Comics

Creator/Writer: Steve Orlando

Creator/Artist: Garry Brown

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Letterer: Thomas Mauer

Cover: Garry Brown

Review: ★★★★☆

We’re dropped into Crude’s fourth issue as Kolovrat/Piotr is dealing with truth of his son. It’s a violent and bloody scene that’s very becoming of this series. The book jumps to the potential ramifications of Piotr’s actions and the other “workers” discover more about his past. It’s strange though. The more I read this series the more I want to read it in a Russian accent…as bad as that sounds. It helps the tone of the story as it continues to unfold. The story at this point has become a little slower but the dialog involved is necessary. Garry Brown’s art is much more intense in this issue. It feels like he’s expanded his darks and shadows to improve the overall grittiness to the story. I’ve come to believe that the title “Crude” might refer more towards oil then the concept of people being crude. The book has a much bigger story to tell about fathers and sons. Do you believe Piotr is right in his vengeance? or Is the big business the right way to go here?  There is much much more potential to this story and I can’t wait for issue #5.

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