Shanghai Red #2: Capsule Review


Title: Shanghai Red #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Art & Colors: Joshua Hixson

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover: Joshua Hixson, Tyler Boss

Review: ★★★★☆



Our story takes us back to Portland, where Jack/Molly has discovered her mother’s fate. The book reads the mother’s note to Molly that seems like it takes longer then it should. The whole reason Molly has returned to Portland is to get revenge on those who shipped her off. We get a look back at her abduction. It’s nice to get the back story of what will make her the man she turns out to be. Her grudge is hardcore and the violence presented to us readers is equally so. Sebela and Hixson put Molly through the ringer and struggles. They also give us a little truth in regards to her family struggles. This issue of Shanghai Red is nice addition to the overall story. We get more back story, we get some violent retribution, and we get something to look forward to in the next issue. Hixson’s art is dark and he uses tons of reds and blues to keep the tone. His design of the early 1900’s is consistent through out the book. This is good story to read since it is so different then all the normal superhero stuff. Let’s hope they continue to keep us with Red’s tale.

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