Judge Dredd Under Siege #1: Capsule Review


Title: Judge Dredd UNDER SIEGE #1

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mark Russell

Artist: Max Dunbar

Colors: Jose Luis Rio

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover: Max Dunbar, Alan Quah, Francesco Mattina

Review: ★★★★☆

On the outskirts of Mega City One there lies Patrick Swayze. Not that Patrick Swayze, but an affordable housing complex named after the lost actor, just in the outer rim. One of the city’s finest has lost communication with the Hall of Justice. Judge Dredd is sent into save the day against all odds. It’s the fact that Dredd is predictable that makes this story so good. The opening scene is unnecessary but excellent to see Dredd still on his game. I think there has to be a standard out there for drawing Dredd. He has to be bigger then life and almost unstoppable. The early mention of potential law breakers happen to be the switch in the story. Dredd might be into more then he can handle. Dunbar’s art is fantastic. I love his futuristic look in every scene. His Dredd look perfect. It’s like he’s been drawing the character for years. While the story actually reminds me a little of the Dredd movie, I think it’ll pass since there’s way more to this story. I hope our creators gives us more and more for Dredd to judge.

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