Unnatural #2: Capsule Review


Title: Unnatural #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer, Artist, Colorist: Mirka Andolfo

Colors Assistant: Gianluca Papi

Letterer: Fabio Amelia

Cover: Mirka Andolfo; Artgerm

Translated from Italian: Arancia Studio

Review: ★★★★☆

You would think turning 25 would be a good thing for most people. Not for Leslie. In this world created by Mirka Andolfo, our half human/pig girl is about to be paired with someone of her own species. In this world if you haven’t found the right match/love on your own, then your matched by Real Love. Real Love is the corporation that deals with the matching. Leslie has a mouse looking like girl friend that also has a quest to see if real love with another species is/was allowed. Trish(mouse) has some luck in finding stuff in a strange book store owned by a panda lady. Mirka’s story and art is lush and colorful. Her character designs on just about every character just simply stand out in every panel. The story comes down to you can’t help who you love and that’s Leslie’s issue. She is having slutty dreams about a wolf that may or may not have made an appearance at the end of this issue. We will see if the issue of control continues to be the ongoing theme or if the story goes another way. The end of the book wasn’t really what I expected. I can’t wait to sit a read the next chapter.


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