The Cape #1: Capsule Review

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Title: The Cape #1 Fallen

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Jason Ciaramella

Artist: Zach Howard

Colorist: Nelson Daniel

Letterer: Shawn Lee

Cover: Zach Howard, Nelson Daniel

Review: ★★★★☆

The Cape…It’s a dream come true. The story starts with an 8 year old boy that gained power to fly and super strength. Eric has come to an old cabin in the woods. It’s a place that Eric’s father took him and his brother back when they were young. This is a follow up to the previous story so not a ton of time has past between then and now. The end of the book in the liner notes describes Zach Howard talking to Jason Ciaramello about the last three days for Eric. Where has he been? What has he done? It’s my impression that Eric has a chip on his shoulders in regards to his past. He runs into a guy from high school at the cabin, that was not so nice to him, as he is beginning a gaming weekend with friends.  A guy with super powers involving a cape and the quality gaming time what could go wrong? Eric has issues that are unresolved.  I thought I might really enjoy the book simply based on Zach Howard’s pencils. The cover alone is quite fantastic. He uses a great deal of detail that makes Eric stand out. The settings and other character designs are well thought out and tad stereotypical but doable.  If your picking up The Cape for the first time it’s hard to make sense of Eric’s life, but if you’ve been there done that, Eric’s new adventures should be a welcome return to this story. I’ll definitely check out the next few issues to see where this all goes.


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