Crowded #1: Capsule Review


Title: Crowded #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Pencils: Ro Stein

Inks: Ted Brandt

Colorist: Triona Farrell

Letterer:  Cardinal Rae

Cover Artist: Rachael Stott

Review:  ★★★★

Charlotte Ellison. Charlotte is being crowdfund for assassination. Yeah, that’s a thing in this story. So we are dropped into a near-ish future and Charlotte has hired Vita to protect her from assassins. The trick is anyone can be an assassin. It’s a world where you can get money from mass amounts of people by simply putting it on the internet and well having a cause. It’s like Kickstarter only called REAPR. It’s a killer APP.  You have to wonder what Charlotte did to make someone mad enough to want her dead. Our storytellers give us a fascinating look at Ms. Ellison’s day. She has a ton of jobs from babysitting, dog walking and even renting out her clothes. All these things all have different APPS to help her. It’s actually really neat. Charlotte is written like a self absorbed young female just trying to get by doing what seems enough. The comic has some moments of action that are well crafted by Ro Stein. The house that Vita occupies is strange and illustrated with a super cool cross section. The book is bright and colorful but doesn’t quite take itself totally seriously. It’s a PINK is the new black thing. This first entry to this story. It’s fun and I hope there’s more story for Charlotte and Vita in issue 2. The second issues to most comics usually give us more backstory to these new characters.

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