Death of Superman Animated 2018: Review

Title: Death of Superman 2018

Studio: Warner Brothers Animation

Directors: Jake Castorena & Sam Liu

Writer: Peter Tomasi

Review: ★★★★★

Where do I begin? Why? Why rehash a story that’s been struggle for us to watch? They animated the show back in 2007 in Superman: Doomsday. The last series was done in the vain of the Animated Superman from 1996-2000. The 2007 version focused more on Luthor’s involvement in the unearthing of Doomsday and the changes made to the original story. Luthor plays his part in this new story. This is not that story. BUT IT is…

How do you improve on a relatively decent but flawed animated story? You update it. This movie continues what was started in Justice League: War. It begins with Superman stopping a simple smash and grab by armored thugs. Death of Superman sets up each sequence perfectly for the next. It adds the Justice League into the story and not just a subplot. It addresses Cyborg’s father issues and even Batman’s parental respects in regards to Damion. The show takes account of whats happened before in this new DC Universe.

We all know that Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way. What we don’t know is what that means to him on a personal level. This issu\e switches the story in respects that Clark and Lois are dating. Doomsday had it going the other way with Lois dating Superman. Lois and Clark dating is a better way to relate to the relationship. It’s easier for Clark to tell Lois that he’s Superman then the other way around. Clark finds it all very difficult to go through especially when his parents come for a visit. It’s conflict that foreshadows the upcoming battle.

The best improvement of the story is Doomsday himself. The character comes from space and is wrapped in the coverings we saw in the original comic. The character is unrelenting in his fight towards Superman. It’s almost hard to watch since he kills everything in his path. His battle with Superman is much more brutal then the previous entry. Granted Death of Superman has a much longer running time it put together a more tragic tale.

One of the best things that Death of Superman does is not in the least bit forget anything that happened before. It calls back to the latest Animated Warner Brothers outings by mentioning Throne of Atlantis and Bad Blood. It adds more to it’s individual story by not forgetting where it came from. The attention to previous Superman movies including Superman the Movie and Batman V Superman are highly noticeable. They even throw in the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. It’s the little subplots we get from the story here and there show us that there could be a sequel on the horizon. The Reign of Supermen could be fully realized in a later episode. It’s the inclusion of everything Superman is what makes this such a joy.

The mystery that surrounds Superman’s rebirth was the question that will make this the better incarnation of the Death of Superman story. I believe this is great addition to the Warner Brothers DC Universe animation series. It’s by far a much better entry then the more recent Batman entries. The story is brutal and personal for anyone that happens to be a Superman Fan.

Special Thanks to Jim Thompson…BestBuy 790’s own Superman…

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