Sex Criminals #25: Capsule Review




Title: Sex Criminals #25

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Cover Artist: Chip Zdarsky; Skottie Young

Review:  ★★★★

“The smell of it gets me.”

“The ROOF! THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!!” The beginning of issue #25 is the blunt story of Suzanne’s life. Her mother’s giant electric vibrator caught on fire and burned down the house. YES…I said, “giant electric vibrator”…I was shocked myself. The sequence sets up the revelation that maybe Suzanne needs this purge to get that necessary fresh start. Truth be told SEX sells and Sex Criminals has been a little short on the sex. Issue #25 refreshes us to what makes this book entertaining. A return to “CUM World” was necessary for the characters to progress in their places in the story. Matt Fraction’s entire goal is to bring the story back to some of it’s refreshing roots and hopefully reuniting Jon and Suzanne. It’s also a great place to introduce new characters that could be lurking in the shadows. It could be a way to introduce new powers that these characters use might actually evolve. The chemical attraction to someone is potentially a subtle one in this story. Chip does a fantastic job of providing this “comfort” level with Jon and Suzanne. The book is a solid read for anyone willing to get past…well the sex and language. The letter’s page is always an entertaining read. We look forward to the next issue and hope things continue from here.


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