TMNT Ooze Action Glow In The Dark Series Review

  • Manufacturer:  Kidrobot
  • MSRP:  $9.99
  • Series:  TMNT Ooze Action Glow In The Dark
  • Figure Count:  6
  • Chases:  0

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Kidrobot’s first line from their newest license is out now for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ooze Action Glow In The Dark Series.  Opting out of the blind boxes, the initial line comes in a carded bubble packaging so you can actually see what you’re getting this time around.  The series includes the four turtles, which of course is a must, and then their mentor Splinter and arch nemesis Shredder.  Now the question is, are they worth a spot with your other fine collectibles?  Read on below to find out what we thought of this new series of our favorite mutated turtles.

Not coming in blind boxes is the first perk for many.  Personally I love the excitement of a brand new blind box, but sure enough if you want to go for the entire series, it can cost you a lot of money as you end up with numerous duplicates.  With this series, the initial excitement of surprise is not there, but you can easily grab all six without any worries.  While it would have been nice to see some additional characters with the six, there does appear to be a mini blind box line coming later this summer that will include additional characters.

The figures themselves are a solid design.  The feel of them really reminded me of the Dunny line, they have a slight weight to them and the joints are sturdy.  Each turtle has some slight modifications to make them unique, beyond their colors.  Their eyes are all slightly different, along with their mouths.  Considering there is only so much that can be done to differentiate their bodies, it is a small, but nice touch.  The paint job is phenomenal in general, the quality you would expect from Kidrobot.  From the four figures we opened, none had any type of color defects to speak of.

As for their weapons, just as with the figures themselves, they feel like sturdy vinyl.  We expected to find paint chips or defects on them as most painted accessories can be prone to from manufacturing or packaging, but their was none to speak of.  The figures handle the weapons perfectly as well, so there is no fear of them falling out.

Now the problem we find was with the title of the line.  This is supposed to be a glow in the dark series.  We took two of the turtles with us into the bathroom, held them against the light before turning them off, expecting the entire figure to glow.  This was not the case.  It actually took us a few attempts to figure out what was supposed to glow, until we finally realized there is “ooze” paint splattered on the weapons, which is the glow in the dark portion and nothing else.  While this is not a deal breaker for us, it is disappointing that a line advertising glow in the dark actually has hardly anything that actually glow in the dark.  While we were not able to go hands on with them, we know Splinter and Shredder have some of the “ooze” on their actual bodies to make them glow a little more.  With as little as it was used though, it should have just been omitted from the line to begin with.

In the end, this is a solid series with quality figures.  It is great especially if you want all four turtles and don’t want to have to chance getting them in the upcoming blind box line.  However, if you are expecting to have them shining from your collection once the lights go down, you will be sadly disappointed.  Otherwise pick these up, help fight the Foot Clan!


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