Southern Bastards TRADE PAPERBACK: Capsule Review


Title: Southern Bastards TPB Vol. 4 Issues 15 to 20 GUT CHECK

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Jason Aaron(Chapters 15-17, 19-20); Jason Latour(Chapter 18)

Artists: Jason Latour(Chapters 15-17, 19-20); Chris Brunner(Chapter 18)

Letters and Design: Jared K. Fletcher

Cover Artists: Jason Latour

Review: ★★★★☆



Image Comics collects Issues 15 to 20 in this trade paperback collections of Southern Bastards. The stories are geared around the small “Southern” Caw County and the Running Rebs. The Rebs are a southern high school football team. They are coached by probably one of the meanest Bastards on the planet, with Coach Boss. Aaron and Latour have created one of the most colorful characters that I’ve ever seen in any story. His presence stands out in this story. The book makes no excuses and he’ll do anything to win. They prove this in each and every issue. The series has some great secondary characters with: the “defensive” coordinator, the rival boss, town sheriff, and the mayor with his evil wife. The characters are very stereotypical and I believe them to be that way.  The book is called Southern Bastards for a reason. These characters happen to unlikable beyond measure. I can’t imagine anyone truly winning in this story. Jason Latour’s thick line works well with the multiple red toned color design. The color design runs uniform through out the whole series. The issue illustrated by Chris Brunner shifts the story slightly enough to give us delight to continue to read. It’s hard to think that even in a high school story that people could be so awful. It’s pride that becomes the highest sin above any in this story. This is a quality collection of works and I hope to continue this read beyond.

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