San Diego 2018 Comic Con International Catch UP!!! Young Justice: OUTSIDERS Season 3 Edition!!

We have wanted this soooo long…Young Justice Returns!! Young Justice is a much darker version of the Teen Titans. It’s a much more mature version. The last two seasons were so well put together. An animated series that simply wasn’t just one and done shows, but a series that returned to improve itself every episode. It’s wonderful that they still have stories to tell. Over the last several years, I had an opportunity to meet Marv Wolfman(80’s Teen Titans) and Peter David(Young Justice). Both writers half mentioned the series but could not really say more concerning their involvement. This new series has a subtitle: Outsiders. It will be super cool for DC Animated Universe to bring the Outsiders into play. The show adds the Justice League from time to time.  Here’s the trailer…I believe it’s a tad long, but awesome to see the new stuff…


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