San Diego 2018 Comic Con Catch UP!!—Star Wars Edition!!

Star Wars is no stranger to San Diego Comic Con. I want hope that this announcement is one of the little things they let slip this year. The return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer has been dropped. CHECK IT OUT!!

OK…I just watched the trailer myself. I have talked to Star Wars fan that have not watched this series. It must be seen…trust me. I got simple chills from seeing Anakin, Obi-Wan and for the love of pete…ASOKA again…The trailer states and I quote…A war left unfinished…until now. CHILLS I say. I totally understand if fans don’t want to truly step back into this mythos of the Star Wars lore….but but but…Some Jedi whoop ass is about to happen. I imagine that Lucasfilm is seeking filler for Disney’s new AP/Channel. I will make the effort to see this return.


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