Uncharted Short-Film Casts Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

There are few projects in Hollywood that have been rumored as in the works longer then an Uncharted film. As long as those rumors have been around, fans have clamoured for Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame, to play Nathan Drake. A recently released, fan funded, short-film has shown us just why fans wanted Fillion for the role so badly.

Uncharted is a videogame, published by Sony, exclusively to its videogame consoles. The game follows Nathan Drake on his globe trotting adventures chasing artifacts. Drake is like a modernized version of Indiana Jones. As of 2017, the Uncharted series has sold 41 million copies. The fan base is most definitely there for a big budget Hollywood film, and Filiion, though slightly older then the Drake is in the games, certainly seems perfect for the role. Nathan Fillions performance in the short-film certainly shows that he is perfect for the role. The old rumor was that Nathan Drake was partially based on Nathan Fillion, so perhaps it was always meant to be.

Checkout the video below, and let us know what you think about the prospects of an Uncharted film, and of Nathan Fillion’s performance.


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