Bloodstrike Brutalists #0: Capsule Review


Title: Bloodstrike Brutalists #0 Part 1

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Michel Fiffe

Artist: Michel Fiffe


Cover Artist: Michel Fiffe, Rob Liefeld, Dan Fraga





I make an effort to try and see the good in any comic…regardless. I have a hard time doing this for Bloodstrike. I’m sure Michel Fiffe has something going on there, but the art has moment where it’s almost ok. There are a few detailed drawings that make the book almost readable. The lettering is awful and more distracting. The coloring looks sloppy and looks like the book was put together with paint by numbers. Maybe there is some sort of metaphor I’m not seeing in the book. The presentation overall gives a ton of reason to care for the story or the characters. I’m hoping the fans of Michel Fiffe and Bloodstrike will keep this book in print, but I unfortunately will not be reading again.

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