Tap Dance Killer 1&2: Indie Spotlight



Title: Tap Dance Killer 1&2

Publisher: Hero Tomorrow Comics

Writer: Ted Sikora

Artist: Nikolaus Harrison

Colorist: David Baf Gallart & Ted Sikora

Letterer: Ted Sikora

Cover Artist: Nikolaus Harrison

Review: ★★★★☆ 

Every once in awhile First Appearance is approached to review comics from Independent Publishers. I believe in giving anyone a chance to catch my eye or make an impression upon what I personally like in a story. Tap Dance Killer, at first thought, I wasn’t too crazy about title. The “Tap” part of the title had me a little skeptical. The cover for issue #1 though…I love it. I enjoyed the thin lines and a character design.  It’ll be easy to recognize the main character on any cover at this point. Our Tap Dance Killer is one Nikki St.Clair. She is an aspiring actress that has seen some fame but still needs that one job to truly put her on the map. Intro to the Nothing Like the Vaudeville Theater. It’s a paying gig in Cleveland. The creators of this book are from Akron so the Cleveland locale is a nice touch. Our lead actress in the book is a good/bad character due to her circumstances. The opening of the first issue shows her breaking out of prison. The remainder of the story gives us the back story and more depth to Nikki. I like Nikki and that fact that her intro tale gives us enough to relate to the character. The issue ends adding a nice Punchline(another character)to the story, who has is own issues. Overall Harrison’s art is decent. I’ve seen some other books that this book puts to shame. A few of the figure illustrations appear strange and probably needed reworked in their positions. This first issue is a good start and I’m happy that I get to move to Issue #2.

Ted Sikora must have his story well thought out or is simply lucky on the first try. It’s nice how things begin to tie together in this next isssue.  This second issue of Tap Dance Killer deals more with Punchline. There is some more of Nikki’s backstory to keep asking for more. The character Punchline is enough for you to be scared of clowns. I mean totally scared of clowns…giant punching clowns. I hate to ruin anything about Punchline. The read is totally worth it. We get to see how Nikki and Punchy’s story tie together and how they have been dealing with the local Cleveland mob. It’s enough plot to keep this story going. The book does add to it’s creepiness in regards to Vincent and Fletcher. Their world views seem a bit off from what Nikki’s goals happen to be. It’ll be a nice set up if Nikki’s morals take a front seat to her current life style. This issue does give us cast list at the beginning. It helps add to the interest of the characters. It’ll be a nice help for Issue #3 when it arrives in November. Tap Dance Killer is a nice Indie book that your purchase would help smaller publishers. I’m happy Ted considered us to review his solid book.

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