The Beef #5: Capsule Review



Title: The Beef #5 Tainted Love PEACE MEAL

Publisher: Image Comics

Plot/Script/ Letters: Richard Starkings

Plot/Script: Tyler Shainline

Art/Colors: Shaky Kane

Cover Artist: Shaky Kane

Review: ★★★☆☆

I’ve been reviewing Beef for three issues now. Missed Issue #4 due to scheduling problems. I dropped into Issue #5 and what I got was two pages of Gandhi explaining how the cow industry works. It was all very very disturbing. I mean, the cut out face of Gandhi was one thing but every panel after that was simply designed to upset. Upset it did…I almost forgot about our hero Chuck or The Beef if you will. Chuck has a hard life in this issue and Mary Ann had her moment to step-up…but Gandhi. The book is designed to make the reader upset by the meat processing industry. It’s enough to make any vegetarian sick to their stomachs. I’m not sure how Image would even begin to sell this book. Richard Starkings and Shaky Kane’s names are a good start. I just don’t see the book having any replay value unless you want to take in the shock value over and over again. Does this make it a bad comic? No, not really, just one that has it’s place. I couldn’t imagine buying the book at any length. If they get a follow up it should be interesting to see where it falls among the fans.


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