Comic News: Jennifer Blood: Born Again Coming This August

Dynamite proudly announced today that they will be partnering with Steven Grant for a brand new story for a fan favorite, Jennifer Blood :  Born Again.  He will be joined Kewber Baal doing the interior pencils and Stephen Segovia doing the covers.

From Dynamite’s press release, they had this to say about the series:  In Jennifer Blood: Born Again #1, the streets of Lalaland run red when Jennifer Blood returns to declare a new war on the mobs. Or does she? As a low level hood plots to leverage her in a bid to take over the Los Angeles underworld, her war attracts some very dangerous attention and unexpectedly sets a lethal international chain of events in motion. A deadly new direction from writer Steven Grant, the well-known writer of classic The Punisher stories as well as the creator and writer of Boom!’s 2 Guns!

Stephen Grant supplied his reasons for taking the series along with how excited he is to be on it:

“I don’t play with other people’s toys much anymore, but Jennifer Blood was too juicy a prospect to pass up. As one of Garth’s greatest creations, she was pure psychopulp, that’s what I love about her, and the psychopulp is what we’re going for as we bring her back from the precipice after she has lost everything, and give her a new focus, a new home and a new direction. She used to be crazy, with a thick veneer of sane hiding it. Now she’s chillingly sane, but it’s crazy-sane. She has been a lot of fun.”

Watch out for Jennifer Blood: Born Again #1 to hit this August in print and digital.

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