Star Trek: New Visions #21: Capsule Review


Title:  Star Trek:  New Visions:  “The Enemy of My Enemy” #21

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  John Byrne

Artist:  John Byrne (Photomontage)

Cover Artist:  John Byrne (Photomontage)

Review:  ★★★★☆




Sometimes, this is just what a decent Star Trek story needs…a team-up with the Klingons. Kirk and the Klingon commander Kor have been captured by the alien race Vortii Kalth. Byrne has come up a strange looking armadillo like looking creatures for this story. They are huge with scales and beedy eyes and rounded teeth. The alien race has come up with an interesting way to have the two get along. The story an excellent cat and mouse chase with some nice surprises thrown into keep us on our toes. Byrne continues to mix the old photos with some his own photoshop workl. The design he uses for the Vortii is really good blend of an older style and his classic “Byrne” like robot stylings. I will continue to say that it’s a shame that there are only 3 issues left of this series. Granted I would imagine Byrne is running out of material he can effectively put together. The book ends with a nice back up story which involves the crew of an earlier Enterprise and a traveler from the past. Byrne gets to put together a ship that looks like it was from the 1900’s. The traveler from the past does have these ugly green goggles that are a bit of a distraction. Otherwise the story is sound and worth the read.

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