Daredevil #603: Capsule Review


Title: Daredevil #603

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Charles Soule 

Artist: Mike Henderson

Colorist: Matt Milla

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover: Chris Sprouse; Karl Story; Marte Garcia

Review: ★★★★★

What could possibly UP things when the city of New York has been under siege for 63 hours by the Hand? Charles Soule has done what any decent writer of Daredevil does and returns a cast member from the past. Our favorite would be, dead returned to life, girl friend Electra returns to take on the Hand. The giant Green “Jabba” looking creature called the Beast ups his plans. He poses a much greater threat to Matt Murdock then the ninjas of the Hand. Mike Anderson continues penciling duties which is fantastic since he’s on a two week deadline. He seems to truly enjoy drawing Electra. He’s seemed to push her more fore front then DD. The issue leaves us with an interesting cliffhanger and also points out something about the human condition regarding disabilities. The book is building up to a hopefully quality finale.

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