Marvel 2 in 1 #6: Capsule Review


Title: Marvel 2 in 1 #6 Fate of the Four

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Jim Cheung

Inkers: Walden Wong

Colorist:  Frank Martin

Letterer:  VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist: Jim Cheung

Review:  ★★★★

Let’s get this straight…Doctor Doom of this particular universe currently holds the mantle of being the world eater Galactus or is Galactus. He ate the universe, aside for earth, too. The remaining heroes of the earth, including Reed Richards, have decided to band together with The Thing and The Human Torch to fight Big G or D(whatever). The issue does the whole bigger and better situation which extremely satisfying and entertaining for FF fans. The story also does a great job to reinvent a couple side characters which I enjoyed seeing.  It leads down to a conversation with Ben and Reed which will drop a quality cliffhanger that will keep us on edge. Jim Chueng returns to art duties on this issue with gorgeous pencils and layouts. It’s a shame that this might be the last art we get from Cheung since he now doing The Justice League.  Whatever Chip Zdarsky has in store for the return of the first family, I hope it’s worth the wait.

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