Indie Spotlight: The Curse of Ragdoll


Are you a fan of a little gore in your comics? How about a little sex?  If you answered yes to both, we have the perfect comic for you.  If you answered no, that just means you don’t know how much fun a sexy, blood and guts filled book can be!

The Curse of the Ragdoll is the newest project from comic writer/penciller extrodianire Mike Wolfer.  The name should sound familiar as he has worked on a multitude of books previously, such as the amazing Lady Death, Night of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th, among many more of your favorite horror comics.  This new title is his brand new baby that he is both writing and pencilling for a 96 page, black and white, original graphic novel.  Be advised, this is only for MATURE readers!

Straight from the Kickstarter page, here is the description of the book:

WHAT’S THE STORY ABOUT? In the late Eighteenth Century, nestled within a remote region of the Carpathian Mountains, punctuated by lush forests and quaint villages, something waits in the darkness, biding its time until it can exact bloody vengeance upon those who once violated it. That “thing” is Ragdoll, an inhuman creature created by the hand of man, yet possessing supernatural powers from beyond the grave. And her quest is both horrifying and heartbreaking: Composed of the remnants of an untold number of murdered women, Ragdoll’s body retains the souls and divine essences of those whose lives were cut short, and she will stop at nothing to bring a gory, poetic end to each murderer of the women from whom she was constructed!

We were fortunate enough to be able to read the first 16 lettered pages and we were hooked.  During a period piece, having modern day dialogue can throw a book off the rails immediately.  Fortunately here, Wolfer has scripted everything so that you feel you are in the time-period, almost as if you were reading a Mary Shelley novel;  that is if Shelley could have pencilled a gory drawing of a man who has been gutted, rightfully so.  The introduction alone left us eager to see who Ragdoll will take vengeance on next, and specifically what gruesome scene Wolfer will bring with it.  His script is fantastic, but his pencils are just as much a delight. Beyond the gore you are going to get some nudity, but it is not just there to be gratuitous, it fits perfectly with the story he is spinning.

Now if you want to get your hands on it, you can check out the Kickstarter page and get signed up to fund the project.  There are several different levels you can choose from, which can include a signed copy, prints, a t-shirt, get included in the thank you section of the book, and much more.  We have included some of the different funding options below for you to see.  This is a must check out graphic novel, so much sure you don’t miss your chance to be in on the ground floor!





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