Rumble #5: Capsule Review


Title: Rumble #5

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: John Arcudi

Artist: David Rubin

Colorist: Dave Stewart

Letterer: Jow Sabino

Cover: David Rubin; Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Review: ★★★☆☆


This issue of Rumble dives deep into the lore of the resurrected god Rathraq. We get a long backstory showing what happens after Rathraq has defeated King Asura. His only hope is to restore his battle hound back to life with the help of the other gods. This particular event leads him into battle with his brother Borogath. It’s a well crafted bloody battle which has an interesting and surprising outcome. I enjoyed the additional story to the character and how he goes about slicing and dicing his foes. David Rubin continues to not hold back the gore to make us crave more and to see what could actually come next. Rathraq’s scarecrow form also keeps us more curious to what will happen to him in the upcoming future. His relationship to Del and the three legged dog are extremely strange and you have to wonder what will happen to the trio. Rumble is simply a fun read that has now added some decent twists and turns to keep us picking up the next issues. The cover layouts also provide a nice stand out on the shelves.

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