Deadpool 2 Review

Film: Deadpool 2

Studio: Twentieth Century FOX

Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Ryan Reynolds

Director: David Leitch

STARS: ★★★★☆

Our hero/anti-hero or sex toy in a red suit has to have motivation. Wade Wilson’s motivation is presented to us even before the opening Bond-like opening credits occur. Wade’s chosen profession happens to be his guiding motivation. The opening action sequence is set to the best song you could think to throw at it, getting us prepared for what we can expect from the rest of the movie.  It’s a moment that takes us by surprise and makes us realize that anything can happen.

In comes Cable, the terminator looking thug with huge guns and a quest. Besides Deadpool himself, Cable comes off the page more so than any character produced in the X-Universe. James Brolin is simply meant and needed for this series. Whether he appears in another Deadpool or X-Force film, or even his own stand alone film, Cable is produced with the actual care and love he deserves for a character who has one of the most insane back stories we might not ever see. Domino also makes her first big screen appearance and the character is fantastic. She jumps off the screen in such a warm way, even when she’s firing away with both guns a blazing. Zazie Beetz’s performance is so good.  The CG character Colossus returns to give Wade a much deeper inner voice to do good and not kill. I don’t know if making Deadpool an X-Men trainee does anymore then create a one hit joke, but it’s not a bad joke.

According to Deadpool himself the movie is a family movie. Mind you this isn’t a flick you want to take the kids to see. We’ve seen Wade team-up with the X-Men in the previous movie. This film he join several other special characters to create X-Force. Through out all this there’s this kid by the name of Fire Fist, who happens to be the film’s object of attention. It’s one of those motivation things I mentioned earlier. Julian Dennison’s robust performance is excellent work for a young actor that we will probably see more of in future projects. Ryan Reynolds continues to prove why he deserves to be Deadpool. Considering he spent time writing to flick, he knows the character really well.

The film has many villains of different types. The story subtly helps reminds us that mutants are mistreated. It’s obvious to one point and creates the motivation for some of our other characters. Of course there is one big bad for the movie, but we won’t spoil that beyond you should be pleasantly surprised.  There are many characters that the film tries to balance and does a nice job of doing that and still continues to put Deadpool on top.

A family film with some fantastic action sequences from start to end make this probably a better film than the first. The film is directed by David Leitch, whose last film was Atomic Blonde, and he has put together some action scenes that top themselves until the minutes run down to the end. There is a nice CG fight that will remain memorable for films to come. Deadpool also seems to favor his sword more so in the film than the last. His stand-off with Cable is worth the price of admission.

At 1:59 the movie is extremely entertaining and doesn’t drag itself out at all. Make sure you stay for the credits. I admit there’s no nifty animation sequences that we received in the first movie, but there are some really important plot devices that well make the movie all that better. Let’s hope there’s a Deadpool 3 with all of the Fox possible buyouts happening, because this is a series we don’t want to see end.

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