Venom #165 Capsule Review


Title: Venom #165

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Mike Costa

Art: Mark Bagley

Inkers: Scott Hanna

Colorist: Dono Sanchez-Almara

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover: Ryan Stegman & Morry Hollowell; Mike Dedato Jr

Review: ★★☆☆☆

Venom #165 end this volume of the current Venom run. Issue #1 of the relaunch hits the shelves soon. Costa does a brilliant job of, yet again, integrating Spider-man-ish villains into the last of this series. Scorpion shows his ugly head as an agent of whatever agency has captured Eddie Brock. The purpose of his presence is that he will gain the symbiote once it gives birth. Alas this particular book is ending and I don’t feel that this plot is going to play out. Spider-Woman is added to the story to create a level of empathy for this pregnant symbiote/Venom. It all comes off truly awkward between the two characters. Mark Bagley continues to be one of my favorite artist, but since the series is ending I feel like his is phoned in to a point. It’s not bad, but not up to his normal level. I could be wrong though. The story is sub-titled “The Nativity” part two. The cut off of the series has simply left too many loose ends to excuse Marvel’s unceremonious change. Carnage and other spawned characters were introduced in the last issue but never mentioned here. It you’re a hard-core Venom fan I’m sure you’ll  jump on the next book,  but I don’t approve in the unnecessary change.

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