The Pervert OGT Capsule Review


Title: The Pervert

Publisher: Image Comics

Words: Michelle Perez

Art: Remy Boydell

In Memory of Derek Watson

Cover: Remy Boydell

Review: ★★★☆☆

The Pervert is a story that revolves around a transsexual that is transitioning from a man to a woman. The character is a sex worker in Seattle. I wasn’t sure what this read was going to do for me. I could become enlightened or disturbed by the images put before me. The collected works have several sexual situations which simple come across as honest. This is the world that the character lives in and she is ok with who they are;  the character is never named as to keep it generic or true to this world. It’s what makes the rest of the story somewhat difficult as a read. The design of the book is simple with square panels on each page. The character design reminds me of Snoopy with a wig. I want to think it’s what brings the character to such a familiar feel and could surprise and unassuming reader. It’s also what makes the character likable and believable with her plight to life. The 164 page novel is an easy read that is broken up in sequences. There are wonderful watercolor images cut in between each section to break help us digest the story as it progresses. I enjoyed this read and believe it’s story that should be read and seen. It’s not for younger readers due to the sexual content and language but could add to the transsexual movement.

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