The Beef #3 Capsule Review


Title: The Beef #3

Publisher: Image Comics

Plot/Script/ Letters: Richard Starkings

Plot/Script: Tyler Shainline

Art/Colors: Shaky Kane

Cover Artist: Shaky Kane

Review: ★★★☆☆

How does one deal with their choices in life? Chuck has spent his life slaughtering cow. He has become The Beef by ingesting the processed beef of the cows he’s eaten. The creator’s are attempting to make “Chuck” a “bovine hero”, in some actually disturbing ways. He has become an unwilling hero in Mudville, California. Issue #3 has him butting heads with a grisly police officer of questionable intent. The battle of the cows is almost one-sided and we lose a little faith in Chuck. Our ending is strange and predictable considering where the plot is heading. It gives something for Chuck to fight for though. I wasn’t too sure about the Beef’s artwork but it’s grown on me. It’s strange and reminds me of some of Jack Kirby’s work. The story doesn’t touch the social aspects it, sorta, focused on last issue. It does give us more to look forward too in the next issue.

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