Action Comics #1000 Capsule Review


Title: Action Comics #1000

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:  Dan Jurgens; Peter J. Tomasi; Marv Wolfman; Geoff Johns & Richard Donner; Scott Synder; Tom King; Louise Simonson; Paul Dini; Brad Meltzer; Brian Michael Bendis

Artist:  Dan Jurgens; Patrick Gleason; Curt Swan; Olivier Coipel; Rafael Albuquerque; Clay Mann; Jerry Ordway; Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez; John Cassaday Jim Lee

Inker: Norm Rapmund; Danny Miki; Butch Guice; Kurt Schaffenberger; Kevin Nowlan; Scott Williams

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez; Hi-Fi; Dave McCaig; Jordie Bellaire; Trish Mulvihill; Laura Martin; Alex Sinclair

Lettering: Rob Leigh; Tom Napolitano; Nick Napolitano; John Workman; Josh Reed; Chris Eliopoulos; Cory Petit

Pin-Up Artists: John Romita JR; Walter Simonson; Jorge Jimenez

Cover Artist: Jim Lee & Scott Williams; Steve Rude; Michael Cho; Dave Gibbons; Michael Allred; Jim Steranko; Joshua Middleton; Dan Jurgens; Lee Bermejo

Review: ★★★★★

YES! That is correct, 1000 Issues of Action Comics have now been printed for publication. It also means good old Superman is turning 80 too. He looks pretty good for a guy his age. Keep in mind the issues haven’t always gone 1 to 1000 in that order. We have had The New 52 and Rebirth to reset and reset the title again to Superman’s greater glory. Find someone who has all 1000 issues and you have someone who is really rich. Now this monstrous issue has multiple covers and gives us a hefty $7.99 price tag. The book is broken down into several short stories. The comic highlights some Superman’s writers and artists over the last several decades. Dan Jurgens, Scott Synder and a touching tribute to Curt Swan are presented in the comic. As the book is a return to the classic red tights, it’s also a return to a more traditional Superman story. Each episode takes a different perspective on Superman’s career. It’s all very enlightening to see the approach each writer takes to the boy in blue. The issue finishes with its newest writer Brian Michael Bendis taking the helm. It doesn’t hurt that Jim Lee supplies the pencils for this part of the book. Bendis’s run will continue in the weekly six part series Man of Steel starting on May 30th. For new and old readers, like myself, it feels like a good time to jump back on the Supertrain.

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