Sex Criminals #23: Capsule Review


Title: Sex Criminals #23

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Cover Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

Review:  ★★★★

Have you walked into a comic shop and seen a book that slightly caught your eye? With Sex Criminals I could understand why the comic was up in value so much. I picked up the trade paperback from the library, no less, to do my due diligence. The truth be told, I am not fully caught up. This strange issue drops us right into an orgy type session where our main character isn’t really interested in involving himself in this swingers situation. If you don’t know what I mean then you shouldn’t be reading the book anyways. The characters of the story are able to stop time around them after they have had orgasmic interactions. There was a family situation where a wife lost some attention from her husband. There was a man and three hoses;  for someone still reading the start of the series, this is all weird, but fascinating. There’s the mother and daughter situation, and the sex toy. Yet again, fascinating. The issue has a lot happening and it would help to know more about the story. Sex Criminals is a good read for adults and someone looking for a decent story that happens to have sexual situations involved.  Its not a series that one can just jump into though, so make sure you pick up the previous issues for a great time.

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