CAT N’ BAT Capsule Review


Title: CAT N’ BAT

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer/Artist: Sashko Danylenko

Cover: Sashka Danylenko

Review:  ★★★

CAT N’ BAT is like Ren & Stimpy, Catdog, Itchy and Scratchy, SPY vs SPY.  Can you see where I’m going with this? Sashko Danylenko’s CAT N’ BAT are two Black N’ White Block/Stick Figure characters. They begin each of the their adventures in front of some form of a television. The programming provides the necessary inspiration to suggest what the character should do with their life choices. The short stories are without dialog but point out a clear picture of what is going. Each tale has a subtle commentary on real life situations. Some are played for humorous response while other draw upon a grim situation. The fact that the characters happen to cat and bat sometimes play to the story. This is more of a coffee table book to show to house guests. You can point out that college costs way too much and you might end mopping floors. Daylenko’s art is designed enough to be a decent read and not just stick figures that lose the emotion of the situation. It’s fun book to have around.

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