The Beef #2 Capsule Review


Title: The Beef #2 

Publisher: Image Comics

Plot/Script/ Letters: Richard Starkings

Plot/Script: Tyler Shainline

Art/Colors: Shaky Kane

Cover Artist: Shaky Kane

Review: ★★★☆☆

Chuck Carter has become, with the muscles on the outside, Beef. He has transformed out of passion for his love for Mary-Lynn. He has “BEEFED” out like the Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, Chuck’s return to normal is disgusting and humorous at the same time. His consumption of beef and the added excitotoxins have made Chuck a monster. It’s all about when a little guy can punch a car. The story also gives us social commentary about the economics of American’s foreign labor force from Mexico. The book is also blatant about Mary-Lynn’s treatment from the male populace. She doesn’t deserve the, “YO! Mamacita, D’You want some extra meat in your taco?” comment. Starkings and company want you to feel sorry for the illegal aliens. We get a little back story about the slaughter house boss that almost makes us have some empathy. In the process he helps introduce a new character that we are going to love to hate. I still find Shaky’s art disturbing. It’s probably the point to the whole story except cows should be that disturbing. The Beef is a sideways look at illegal immigrants and the people that exploit them. There’s always Chuck to turn this story on it’s side (and other things) and give us another thought about reading issue #3.

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