Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2018 Review

Ticket Price: ★★★★☆

Parking:  ★★★★★

Space:  ★☆☆☆☆

Guests: ★★★★☆

Vendors:  ★★★★☆

Overall:  ★★★☆☆


First Appearance Comics and Games returns to the south for the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. The show is continually a decent comic and toy fair that exhibits plenty of fun for all ages. With that, let’s get to the nitty-gritty and see how the con went this year.


Ticket Price

Buy your tickets on-line. First, you save money. The cost of this convention is totally worth it. With the amount of guests that show up for Lexington is always worth the price of admission. But if you get them online, it’s one less line to wait in.  Also, make sure you get the FREE Program GUIDE on the way ina as you can see mine has been well-loved and used.



I generally park in one of the large parking structures within the Lexington downtown area.  I normally end up dropping $20 on parking and never a good start for any event. Your saying, “Mark you gave it four stars though.” The event planners had top-secret parking spots behind the convention center the whole time. Its a wonder what not having another event going on in the convention center at the same time can do for parking spaces. We could only hope next year will be like this too.  The parking was a mere $10 this year and a short walk to the convention center.


Oh BOY! I hate giving any Convention a hard time when they are all just trying to improve the experience. In an effort to improve security at Lexington the promoters added metal detectors, that did not work.  There were huge signs outside the building saying which line to go into.  We  had tickets but still were not sure which line to go. I’ve been there before and I knew where to go. There needed to be someone outside helping the guests where to go. All the lines criss-crossed and it was difficult for anyone to know where to go. That was the beginning. I get we went on a Saturday and everyone goes on Saturday.

In an effort to add space the promoters moved the Entertainment Guests into Rupp Arena. The Gauntlet was then born. People were going in and out, crammed into an incredibly small space. It was hard to see which guests were there and which line to go. We did get a glimpse of Chuck Norris. Frankly it felt like a fire hazard. It wasn’t fun and I didn’t want to go back to meet any of the media guests. The sales floor was cramped like any convention, but since the media guests were on the floor you would had more breathing room to see what the vendors had to offer.


I personally come to the conventions to meet the comic legends that shaped my visual world over the last several decades.


My first stop was to meet Michael Golden. Golden made his mark in comics through the years with his detail artwork and his excellent and almost life-like coloring design. I had to pay 5 bucks comic for the signatures. Over the years most artists don’t normally require payment for signatures since you paid to get in the convention. Truth is, they gotta make a living like the rest of us. I did mention a panel he had colored in Marvel Fanfare #43. He pointed out that inside an aircraft the lights are red to make it so the people can see.

Next up on my signature quest was Jim Shooter.  Hopefully at some point you have heard his name over the last three to four decades. He was responsible for Secret Wars and put Valiant Comics on the map. I also grew up reading many of his comics. He was primarily Editor-in Chief at Marvel Comics. I loved many of his Avenger stories along the way. He graciously signed several of my loved treasures for free.

From there I made my way to meeting Renee Witterstaetter. Renee edited Marvel Comics over the course of several years. I asked her to sign my She-Hulk comics that were written and drawn by John Byrne. I asked her how she enjoyed editing John Byrne, who had been known to be stuck in his ways. Renee mentioned that Byrne and her were friends and that she dated Mike Zeck. They used to play volleyball. I just totally enjoy the small stories I get from going to conventions.


My final stop in artist alley took me to meet the creator of  Wynonna Earp. Beau Smith was one of the most entertaining guests to converse with. His comic and show is some one of the most entertaining media around. You just have to buy into Wyatt Earp’s great great grand daughter hunts demons. I picked up a nice trade paperback from him, which he signed for free.

At a convention of this size there many other guests to meet. I would recommend a two-day stay to see and experience it all. Of course pick and choose your favorites so you don’t miss on the opportunity. There was an excellent amount of Entertainment Guests in attendance. Chuck Norris, Ian McDiarmid, Billy Dee Williams, and tons more. The amount of guests could potential raise the price on the show for next year. There were more than enough to go around. I just wish the gauntlet hadn’t created such poor space conditions.


Panels and The Man in the Blue Dress

Not every convention has panels. I have been to some panels that were boring or just plain uninteresting. This year at Lexington we took the time to experience John Barrowman. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into with this experience.  I thought he was the bad guy on Arrow and some guy that was on Doctor Who from time to time. He was fantastic or fabulous if you will. He was so personable and forth coming about who he is. Gay pride doesn’t really describe who he is, but he put it out there that everyone should accept people for who they are. Given the opportunity to meet John in person I would recommend meeting him.



Based on my booty pic, the vendors did well for my family and I. There enough vendors to suit the needs of any comic and toy lover. I wasn’t really on this trip to find any one thing in particular. I suppose I should create my quest list for the next convention. I do want to give a shout out to Felix Velez of Lock City Comic Con. He treated my family well with their purchases. He gave us some nice insight to Convention life and the perks that applies. I would say have a list for what you’re looking. It helps vendors bring whats on demand.



As always the 501st and the Ghostbusters were present for the festivities. There were a tons of decent Cosplayers at the Convention. First Appearance Comics and Games usually does a solid job of representing the Cosplay cause with our poll. I want to say I appreciate the few that took notice of the poll of this show. We will have much greater attention when we show up for C2E2 in April.

Final Thoughts

I want to yet again thank the promoters for allowing First Appearance Comics to attend the show. The convention is always an excellent one to witness and be part. It would be nice to see a better allotment of space for next year. Good show guys. Lastly, we had to return on Sunday for some additional photo ops. It was my daughter’s goal to get pics with the flying car in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The car from Supernatural was an added perk.


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