Kirby Star Allies Review

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: HAL Laboratory

MSRP: $59.99

Rated: Everyone

Release Date: March 16th, 2018

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Rating:  ★★★☆☆

I have always been a fan of Kirby since I was a kid and with playing all his other recent releases, this Kirby feels like a step into the past. Even with the new abilities given that you can copy, the gameplay of combining the various abilities reminds me of the older Nintendo 64 release, Kirby 64:  The Crystal Shards. With smooth controls and the ability to bring four friends along, the adventure awaits.

Now the story is simple like most Kirby games; a heart on a distant planet shatters, sending different shards out across the world hitting the different members of the recurring main cast, making them hateful beasts. One shard, however, strikes Kirby and gives him the power to make his enemies your friends. Once an enemy joins your team, your actual friends can jump in and take control, or you can let the AI go to work. Where the storyline is simple the gameplay is what excels.

With four players running along the field the game can get pretty wild, even with only AI.  Thankfully the AI is actually smart.  It will fight, help solve puzzles, and do things to help the player instead of impede. On top of that you have the power to combine abilities which can give a boost in power, some being attacks you can only use once, such as to either heal or boost your teams powers. In other instances it simply adds a new ability to your current one, like making your sword a fire sword.  Along with the smooth controls the gameplay is tight and doesn’t cause any issues.  For all the bluster online, it really doesn’t matter the game runs in 30 fps, it still look beautiful.

Looking at the levels is the only problem I have. Levels are small and very easy; with a powerful enough team you can run through levels very easily.  On the other side of it, there are many extra parts as well including hidden areas that you must work together to find. Plus it has amazing music for each level. Even though the design might keep each level small, each one is uniquely built, giving them their own look and need for different abilities to find everything.

The experience I had with Kirby Star Allies kept me coming back again and again to play more. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a higher score is just how easy the game and bosses are, which gives no challenge at all. It’s a joy to play through, just don’t expect to die much in the end.  I would recommend this game not only for lovers of the classic Kirby games, but also for families because thankfully with easier levels.  It is a perfect game to get started for kids. The Switch has created yet another gem in its collection,as long as the difficulty is not something to turn you off.

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