The Beef #1 Capsule Review


Title: The Beef #1 

Publisher: Image Comics

Plot/Script/ Letters: Richard Starkings

Plot/Script: Tyler Shainline

Art/Colors: Shaky Kane

Cover Artist: Shaky Kane

Review: ★★★☆☆

Have you ever really thought about what you eat when you consume a burger from a fast food joint? I mean really think about it or do the research? The Beef is a story about the small California town of Mudville. One of their industries happens to be beef, or the slaughter of cows. It’s a story I had to re-read to try to absorb enough to enjoy. Ironically the story’s potential protagonist is Chuck. He is one of the many workers in the factory and has been for several years. Now Chuck has baggage that is dark and also kind of obvious where the story might be heading. The book paints it’s antagonists very racial and sexually inappropriate. It’s all designed to prove that power corrupts. The artwork is really disturbing. The characters all seem stunted or shortened. Mr. Kane has nice use of thick and thin lines to add the detail, put the characters all seem off. This could be intentional, because after reading several pages it works well actually. The FDA is approving this book as seen through out the story. Trust me, it makes sense when you get to the end and story gives us the hook.

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