Metal Gear Survive Review

Publisher:  Konami

Developer:  Konami;  Konami Digital Entertainment

MSRP:  $39.99

Rated:  Mature

Release Date:  February 20th, 2018 

Platforms:  Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

It’s really difficult for me to do a review on one of the franchises I hold so close to my heart and not be somewhat biased. Thankfully Konami took the series that I love and stripped it of its essence, making this much easier to be objective about. What we have with Metal Gear Survive is the Fox Engine running a zombie survival sim. The only positive thing I can say is that Hideo Kojima must be laughing hysterically at how bad Konami was able to destroy his franchise.  I’m unable to do a normal review simply because there just isn’t enough good about the game. So instead, I’m gonna list off 5 reasons why you should avoid MG Survive at all costs.

1.) It’s not Metal Gear Solid: The story was stripped away in favor of a survival simulator. Instead of tactical espionage action, we’re left with poking zombies with a staff and trying not to die of starvation. The story makes zero sense as it takes place in an alternate dimension with dust monsters.

2.) The Gameplay: The gameplay is very slow and sluggish in nature. While you’re given access to all sorts of guns and weapons, you’ll spend the majority of the time using a staff, placing a fence down, watching the enemies run into said fence, then stabbing them through again said fence.

3.) The Simulation: Going back slightly to the gameplay, the simulation factor is for the lack of better terms, complete garbage. You have a water meter and a hunger meter. You must actively keep both above 50% to have a decent amount of health and stamina. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Well the stamina drains faster than you can find water and if you manage to get hit by an enemy, your health takes a dramatic hit.

4.) The Story: Going back to the first point, the story is nonsensical to say the least. I know Metal Gear Solid has typically had a long, convoluted story, but with Survive, it just jumps the metaphorical shark and decides to be its own thing. Taking place in-between MGS V Ground Zeroes and MGS V Phantom Pain, Survive sees you sucked into an alternate dimension where zombie like creatures exist and the final boss is a dust creature.

5.) Hideo Kojima Had Zero Involvement: To the average consumer, this may not mean much if anything at all, but Hideo Kojima created the Metal Gear Solid Franchise. It was his essential masterpiece. Without going overboard, Konami and Kojima split ways and Konami tried to continue the series without him. Which is where we are at in present time with Survive.

When it’s all said and done, Metal Gear Survive could have and should have been a good game had it continued to tell the story of the Diamond Dogs/ Big Boss/ Clone Big Boss saga, but instead Konami tried to do their own thing and sadly it failed miserably. I wouldn’t recommend Metal Gear Survive to even the newest of gamers. This is one “game” you should steer far away from.

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