Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Rose & Paige Capsule Review


Title:  Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rose & Paige

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writers: Delilah Dawson

Artist & Colorist: Nicoletta Baldari

Letterer: Tom B. Long

Cover: Elsa Charretier; Nicoletta Baldari

Review: ★★★★☆

Of the five books in the Forces of Desiny series published by IDW, I would have to say this is my second favorite. The story is about two of the new characters introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Rose & Paige. The events take place prior to the events of TLJ. The resistance is on a different planet and seeking a means to gain supplies on this new world. The story is about standing up for yourself and believing in your abilities. This of course is a reference more towards Rose. We get more insight into how clever and brilliant the character can be. Baldari’s artwork looks like something out of a Disney animated film. So much that Paige resembles Mulan in several images. The thing is, it works really well here. Baldari does coloring work on the book as well and the style fits the tone suited for younger readers. General Leia Organa also shows up in the book which is always a welcome sight. The book is fun and has a solid story, giving us new details on these characters we still have a lot to find out about.

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