Curse Words #11 Capsule Review


Title:  Curse Words #11

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist: Ryan Browne

Colorist: Addison Duke & Ryan Browne

Letterer: Chris Crank

Cover Artist:  Ryan Browne, Tula Lotay

Review:  ★★★★☆

Curse Words is book that we really can’t take all that seriously. I mean “HOLE WORLD”…really.  Actually Curse Words is a labor of love for Soule and Browne, plus it’s a damn good read. So with that said, the current issue deals with many things. Margaret has been captured and Wizord is on the hunt to get her back. I must say I do like Margaret better as a koala bear.  Red Violet has some issues with these “tiger”guys. Botchko has been brought back to the living but there’s a tale to the story. Ssizzajee has bigger plans Jacques Zacques, which that whole situation seems so casual. The series has definitely stepped up the story line. Soule surely has a lot to go with from here. Ryan Browne’s artwork continues to colorful and energetic; it’s not hard to admire each page. Charles Soule has a nice one page note to the readers in the back saying that Curse Word is supposed to be a three-year run. This first year has been highly entertaining and pleasure to read every month.

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