Extremity #11 Capsule Review

Title: Extremity #11
Publisher: Skybound /Image Comics
Writer:  Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer
Letters: Rus Wooten
Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer
Review: ★★★★☆
The one thing that makes Extremity such an entertaining book is the scale and scope of the scenes that Johnson puts together. The book gives us not one, but two, two page splash panels. Issue #11 has everyone scrambling to fight the overwhelming force that Shiloh has become. He is now a giant blob that will stop at nothing to destroy either side. The tank eating scene is almost case and point. This is the battle that will lead into the final issue. Like I said before, Johnson does not pull out any stops in this issue. He follows up on his foreshadowing in the previous issue with the giant mech that Rolo is now controlling. In this situation, it brings him and Thea together for the final fight. The series has proven to be a solid read from start to this point now. I hope the last will complete the story with justice.

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