The Top Ten Movies We Want To See In 2018

Who is ready for the real start of the 2018 film year, filled with comic movies galore? The films from last year had some ups and downs. Justice League didn’t quite do and wasn’t really what we wanted or expected. Spider-Man Homecoming hit the mark for most movie lovers. Thor Ragnarok gave us the return of our favorite god and the Hulk. Wonder Woman crushed and Star Wars split the community to its core. Logan got a respectable Oscar but also ended the character’s story. The year was strange to be sure. But that’s all behind us and with the upcoming release of Black Panther, we’re ready for the cycle to begin once again.  Will our expectations be met, will we leave theaters disappointing?  One never knows, but 2018 looks to promising and we hope to be amazed and entertained.  Here is a look at what we think will be the top ten films hitting theaters this year!


10. X-Men-Dark Phoenix (Twentieth Century Fox)

In 1980 Writer Chris Clairmont and Co-plotter/Penciler John Byrne killed off one of the most beloved characters in modern comics history. That character happened to be Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix and eventually Dark Phoenix. It was in Uncanny X-men #137 where she fully turned to the darkside and it was beautiful and hard to read all at the same time. So let’s get this straight, how do they pull this off without Wolverine? How does this work with Magneto?  Will this be better than the travesty of X-Men 3?  I’m sorry I’m asking all the nerd questions. The film really needs to be a hit since the last X-Men didn’t fare so well. Dark Phoenix rises November 2nd.

9. Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse (Columbia Pictures/Marvel Animation)

If you’ve been to the movies lately you’ve hopefully seen the trailer for this upcoming Spider-Man film. This flick is based on the Ultimate Spider-Man run by Brian Michael Bendis. Miles Morales is a newer and younger Spider-man that gained his powers in way similar way to Peter Parker. If you haven’t read the book then this should be a great intro to the character. The animation looks fantastic and fast paced. Spider-Man swings into theaters December 14th.

8. Tomb Raider (Warner Brothers)

Yes! They have made another Tomb Raider. No, Angelia Jolie doesn’t star in the movie. This version of Tomb Raider is still based on the video game, though on the recent series of games with a semi-realistic and gritty feel to it. I only say semi because most people die when they are shot with a gun. Alicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft  in this film. The trailer looks action packed and has Alicia doing things that seem extraordinary. We will see if the modern movie audiences will accept this  reboot.  A sound story that makes sense should bring us out to watch. Tomb Raider unlocks the vault March 16th.

7. Alita Battle Angel (Twentieth Century Fox)

The pairing of Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron is a bizarre one to be sure. Think about it, Cameron spends more money then god on his films and Rodriguez has been known to save a buck or two. Regardless the initial trailer is curious beyond belief. The story is about Alita. She was created from machine and human parts. This is a live action film that animates its main character. Alita’s eyes make her look human and keep the story close to it’s roots. It was originally based on the cyberpunk series by Yukito Kishiro. James Cameron is also known for having strong female characters in his films so this should be a fun ride. Alita evolves into theaters July 20th.

6. Rampage (New Line Cinema)

The second video game movie on our list could possibly be one of the funnest films produced. If you’re aware of Midway’s game where you play as either a giant Gorilla, a Lizard, or a Werewolf then you know the potential of this movie. Now what could possibly make this thing any better? Well Dwayne (Rock) Johnson of course. The Rock has a fantastic screen presence and has slowly become one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars of the last several years. The trailer gives the story a little heart as Johnson’s character is the care giver of a Zoo Gorilla. If the film makers can make up the scope of the game and produce a solid story that isn’t too low brow it should be a good ride. Rampage smashes into theaters April 20th.

5. Ant-Man and The Wasp (Marvel)

Marvel actually drops this little tale during the summer days. We knew this flick was coming and we were ready for it. We get some super cool Wasp time. The shrinking and growing effects look like they have put a great deal of imagination and creativity into the situations.  We already were in love with the first one for its super cool sequences and humor.  The trailer for the film gives us a great amount of hope for a solid sequel. Ant-Man and the Wasp shrinks our film wallet on July 6th.

4. Solo A Star Wars Story (Lucasfilms)

It almost didn’t make our list. The Super Bowl release of the Solo trailer has either breathed new life into the Star Wars or put greater pause into the path that Lucasfilm/Disney is going. I’m personally happy to just get any Star Wars films. I don’t believe that one film could destroy our love for Han Solo. Harrsion Ford has cemented his persona in the character for eternity. Ron Howard was brought on board to put the film back on track, so this is where I’ll place my faith. The brand new Millenium Falcon flys into theaters May 25th.

3. Black Panther (Marvel)

The Black Panther was introduced to film goers during Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. T’Challa has been a part of my comic book reading for the last 40 years. I always enjoyed his appearances in the Avengers of the 70’s and when he showed up as a guest star in several other books over the years. The trailer looks action packed and should have a series amount of drama to hold ticket buyers to their seats. It will tie together more events The Black Panther pounces in one week on Feburary 16th.

2. Deadpool 2 (Twentieth Century FOX)

Do I really need a good reason to be excited about this one? The first Deadpool was fun, entertaining ,and somebody made a great call when putting the flick together. The second film adds Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino. The fact that FOX is willing to a drop a bunch of cash on this hard R film is astounding. If all the creative juices align this movie should be a hit. The film mutates into theaters on May 18th.

1. Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel)

After 10 years of build up this one finally hits the big screen. Our anticipation for the shoot out between Thanos and the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been anticipated well since they produced the comic book. Let’s get this straight too; everyone is in this film.  Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and even The Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has stated 64 characters will appear in the film. I can’t image a movie no less then 3 hours long. The Russo brothers put together two fantastic Captain America films so I want to trust their judgement in my viewing. The Avengers Assemble in theaters on May 4.


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