Kid Lobotomy #4 Capsule Review


Title: Kid Lobotomy #4

Publisher: IDW Publishing/Black Crown

Writer: Peter Milligan

Art: Tess Fowler

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Letterer: Aditya Bidikar

Cover: Tess Fowler; Rory Phillips

Review: ★★★★☆

Welcome back to The Suites and the dark tales of Kid Lobotomy.  This week the book gives us a bit of back story to understand the chambermaid Ottla. With the story we learn Ottla is from Czechoslovakia that came to the Suites 12 years ago. She is sending money to her sick brother at home. This is the core of the character and for the most part the readers can relate to someone helping their loved one. This particular issue has a twist that I thought strange and fascinating. The back story also gives us info on Big Daddy too and the room the smells like adultery and disappointment. Through this story we also see Peter Milligan’s cynicism about being, well, a writer. There’s truth to the tale that comes from being an artist and a servant. It’s also the choice that Ottla has to make. Does she sell her body for the greater good? You decide. It comments about dietary habits of America to a subtle point. Tess Fowler’s illustrations are clever and she shows darkness in all the right moments. We get only back story with Kid in this issue but it makes us want to catch up next month. This is the issue that makes me want to pick up the entire series.

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